Hello Froggy!

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อัปเดตล่าสุด: 2021-11-01 เวอร์ชันปัจจุบัน: 1.0.6
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เล่น Hello Froggy! บน PC ด้วย LDPlayer

Little froggy always had a dream of exploring the bigger world. Go on an adventure with froggy filled with unknowns, collecting different objects (Shhh.. some may even give froggy superpowers!) and jumping on various lily pads. Invite new frog friends on your adventure by using the lilies collected in game, and help them move by tilting your device.

Hello Froggy! is a tilt controlled hyper casual arcade game where you get to help froggy on his jumping adventure through the pond and beyond.

★ Easy to Play, Easy Controls
Our game is a hyper casual game made for everyone, and therefore is easy to learn and easy to play. Just tilt your device left to right in order to determine the direction your frog should move. They will do all the jumping!

★ Exciting Gameplay to Keep You Engaged
Your adventure will grow in difficulty as you go farther. With a diverse array of items and lily pads that vary in behavior, no two games are the same!

★ Choose Your Favorite Cute Little Frog
Many adorable frog friends are available in the game. Some frogs even have their own special dance! Collect all the different frogs to find out, and go on an adventure with them!

Happy Jumping!

For any inquiries, please contact us at hello@orcagames.co
Thank you for playing our game!

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