SortLab: Water Sort ・เกมตัวต่อ

Dark Halo
อัปเดตล่าสุด: 2022-12-27

เล่น SortLab: Water Sort ・เกมตัวต่อ บน PC ด้วย LDPlayer

SortLab is one of the most attractive, well-designed water sort puzzle games & classic puzzle solving games.. You can relax and kill time with this water sort puzzle games.

The gameplay of this water sort puzzle games are very simple, but you need to think carefully before you move the tube in the color sort game.

Look at the top of the tube to see if there is water of the same color, pour the water from the top of one tube into the other tube in classic puzzle solving games.. Until the color of the water in the entire tube is the same, the pouring of this tube is considered successful! You can also pour one color of water into the empty tube and repeat the above steps in the color sort game.

Note that when the water in one tube has reached the top, it cannot be filled with water in other tubes in classic puzzle solving games.

Try to complete the whole water sort puzzle games with the fewest steps possible. When you feel that the game is difficult to go on, you can try to use items. Come and try the color sort game.

As the color sort game goes on, the difficulty of the water sort puzzle will become higher and higher. Come and challenge yourself to see which level you can reach in classic puzzle solving games.

In addition to the water sort puzzle game in SortLab, there is also a classic cube puzzle game. Drag the gems so that each row or column is full of gems to eliminate and get points in classic puzzle solving games.

Come and join the color sort game to help you kill time and have fun in classic puzzle solving games!

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