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Meet real singles online, send and receive cool gifts, chat and date in public! Kissing and dating for everyone. Plunge into the world of flirting with our online dating app.

Spin The Bottle: Kiss, Chat and Flirt - 18+ version of the popular kissing game we played when we were teens. Play with your friends or join a random table full of single personals. There are millions of singles around the world! For me, if you are looking for someone to date with, this app is the best way to do it! Chatting, flirting, kissing and dating never were so easy! Don't confuse: it's not truth or dare, it's about love. Best relationships start here! Only for 18+

Find your love! Once in the game, you will meet other players who have been waiting for you. Match maker will gather opposite sex players at the table with about the same age, so teens will play with teens, and adults will play with adults. Send messages in our chat to hookup other players, send them gifts as a compliment. Date with people you liked!

Who is this game for?

It's made for singles to help them find a pair for dating online or in public. App's match maker will gather people of about the same age and location at the one table. Get points by kissing plus receiving gifts.

There are many ways in Spin the Bottle to attract the attention of a girl or boy you like. First of all - kiss. If the bottle points at you, decide what to do: kiss or not? If you'll be kissed, you'll get a point. It's a good way to start chatting and dating! Also you can take part with other people in a league tournament: send/receive more gifts and kiss to win unique presents! It doesn't matter what sex you are.


  • A lot of hot animated gifts

  • Hookup with your friends to play at the same table

  • Log in with your Google, Facebook, VK account (it will use your profile photo)

  • It's not “truth or dare” game, it's about love

  • Chatting never was so easy

  • Move to the TOP and get seen by more people around you

  • Play your favourite music or YouTube videos

  • Exchange presents you need

  • Cool match maker will gather people by age and region

  • Make your personal story private

  • Each episode of violation is considered separately

Use your Facebook, Google, Odnoklassniki or Vkontakte social web to log in. Match maker takes your profile photo(avatar), age and location. All other information about you is private. It is also possible to hookup to the table at which your familiars are playing.

Spin The Bottle is a free-to-play app, but some items can be purchased (we have hearts instead of gold coins)

Like Spin the Bottle?

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Contact us at: android@ciliz.com

Telegram: @cilizbot


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